How to oppose the plans to build on our Dear Wild Place

We CAN save our Dear Wild Space if we all write in to object to New City Vision’s plans to build 90 dwellings on North Kelvin Meadow and The Children’s Wood. Please share this page to let everyone know how to submit 

The current plan is an update of the original application submitted back in 2012. The good news is that if you objected to the previous plan then Glasgow City Council will count that objection. So you don’t need to object again. However, you can add in extra information and send it in a separate objection letter. If you do this, remember to let the planning officer know that you want him to add this to your previous application.

Deadline for objecting: current deadline for applications 29th May

Where to send objection letters:
Ian Briggs
Planning Officer
Development and Regeneration Services
Glasgow City Council
231 George Street

or email objection letter to

Objection letter and useful supporting documents to object to the current plans.

Here are four useful documents.  Please circulate for people to object to the planning development on North Kelvin Meadow and The Children’s Wood.  Objections can come from anywhere in the world!

Document 1: a useful sheet with 8 formal objections.  This will allow you to pick and choose which objection fits with your experience.


Document 2: a template for writing your objection on 121213 Template Objection Letter

Document 3: a template letter which only requires a signature, date etc.  This is less ideal than document 2, but still is better than not sending in an objection at all  121213 Form Objection Letter

Document 4: Save North Kelvin Meadow and The Children’s Wood a document to help with submitting the objection letter

Need help filling out the application form?

Get in touch
We’ll be updating this post with times you can get help/advice/support in filling out the form
Come along to Knit Wild’s Crafternoon on the 24th of May, 1-5pm. See the flyer below
If the deadline is extended, you can get help filling out forms on the 30th May, 10-4pm at our Inequality event and during the West-end Festival, 6th June and 21st June.

Dear Wild Place

Please watch and share our film about the Children’s Wood and meadow.


Contact your local MP, MSP and councillors and ask for support

Glasgow City Council is run by a Labour administration. It is the decision of the labour party to sell the land. They could at any point throw out the application on various grounds, including the length of time it is taking New City Vision to move forward. It has now been 7 years since New City Vision became the preferred developers, and 3 years since the initial planning application was submitted. In the mean time the community of Maryhill and North Kelvin have been kept hanging around while NCV stop and start.

We are not supported by the Glasgow Labour party and believe that they have not engaged with us on this issue. It is vitally important that you get in touch with your local councillor and other politicians on this issue and ask for their support on this important matter and to put pressure on the council to throw out this application and support our plans to keep it wild. 3,000 local people were surveyed by Glasgow University over a year ago and the results revealed that over 90% do not want building on the land.


Helen Stephen, LBR
0141 287 3934
1st Tuesday of each month 5.00 pm. Dunard Primary School, 65 Dunard Street.
1st Wednesday of each month 5.30 pm. Ruchill Community Education Centre, 671 Bilsland Drive.
2nd Wednesday of each month 6.00 pm. Lambhill Stables, 11 Canal Bank North.

Chris Kelly, LBR.
0141 287 7041
1st Monday each month. 5.30 pm. St Monica’s (Milton) Primary School, 200 Liddesdale Road.
3rd Monday each month. 5.30 pm. Possilpoint Community Centre, 130 Denmark Street.
4th Tuesday each month. 6.00 pm. The ARC, 340-342 Ashgill Road.

Kieran Wild, GRN,
0141 287 0223
07900 134 473
1st Thursday of the month. 6.00 pm – 7.00 pm. Possilpoint Community Centre, 130 Denmark Street.
3rd Wednesday of the month. 6.00 pm – 7.00 pm. St Charles Primary School, 13 Kelvinside Gardens.

Billy McAllister, SNP
Every Monday. 6.00pm. St Monica’s (Milton) Primary School, 200 Liddesdale Road
2nd Thursday each month. 6.00 pm. St Monica’s (Milton) Primary School, 200 Liddesdale Road.
3rd Tuesday each month. 4.30 pm. Ruchill Community Centre, 671 Bilsland Drive.

Patrick Grady, SNP


Bob Doris, SNP

0141 353 0784
Surgery Times:
1st Monday of the month
Springburn Library, Kay Street, Glasgow G21 1JY – 5.30pm
2nd Monday of the month
Kelvindale Primary School, 11 Dorchester Place, Glasgow, G12 0BP – 5.30pm
Maryhill Burgh Halls, 10-24 Gairbraid Avenue, Glasgow G20 8YE – 7pm
3rd Monday of the month
King Street Council Offices, Rutherglen, G73 1DQ – 6pm
4th Monday of the month
Lambhill Stables, 11 Canal Bank North, Glasgow, G22 6RD 5pm
Bellcraig Community Centre, 10 Gorstan Street, Glasgow, G23 5QA – 6.30pm
‘Drop in’ surgeries, Glasgow City Centre – call for details on 0141 353 0784

Changes to the plan include:

All Lime trees on Clouston street to be removed and replaced
Housing on Clouston street will be wider and taller
The remaining greenspace in the centre of the meadow will belong to the developers and not to the community or council. It will be a private garden for the surrounding houses.

The Children’s Wood Film

We’ve created a film about the benefit of time spent in nature on children’s learning and development. The film explores what The Children’s Wood has been doing to get children outside more and what they are doing to build community and why community is important.

We’d like to thank Scott Given at for creating this film and to all the other people who contributed, including Ian Halliburton for the voice over.

Friday playgroup

Come along and join us for learning and fun. It starts this Friday (24th April) It’s free!


Community-created resource launched to meet outdoor education policies


A resource pack, inspired by Julia Donaldson’s books and Tam Dean Burn’s Marathon Storytelling Cycle Challenge helps teachers lead outdoor learning activities

The Children’s Wood launches an innovative outdoor learning pack on April 23rd, to meet the requirements of local council and national outdoor education policies.

This resource pack aims to make outdoor learning more accessible for teachers and schools. The pack links different outdoor activities to Curriculum for Excellence outcomes and is free for schools to download. Each activity is based on a Julia Donaldson book.

This outdoor learning pack is part of the Marathon Storytelling Cycle Challenge cycle trip that Tam Dean Burn undertook last year, following the Queen’s Baton Relay and throughout the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, where Tam read nearly all of Julia Donaldson’s books to children across Scotland.

The learning resource was created by the Children’s Wood Outdoor Education Committee, which includes a number of local teachers.

Julia Donaldson says “I hope teachers and children will be inspired by the Children’s Wood and their educational resources to take time out of the school room and get back to nature. I really believe that children can thrive through learning and playing in an outdoor environment where they and their imaginations can run wild”

Tam Dean Burn says
“I was delighted to be asked a few years ago to read some of Julia Donaldson’s wonderful stories in The Children’s Wood and then to subsequently watch as the meadow area blossomed as a thriving, much-loved community resource. Little did I think it would lead to my family travelling all over Scotland following the Queen’s Baton Relay and across Glasgow during the Commonwealth Games reading all of Julia’s books and singing her songs to thousands of children along the way. This Education Pack is a fitting legacy to that momentous time and will strengthen the roots of the flourishing Children’s Wood and its important work within the local area and beyond”

Susie Marshall speaking on behalf of the Children’s Wood education committee said
“Through this pack we hope to inspire and support teachers in using stories and the outdoors for children to experience the curriculum in an innovative way.”

The Children’s Wood and Meadow is a three-acre site in Glasgow’s Maryhill, an urban area of deep inequalities. The Children’s Wood project is a grassroots community initiative that uses the site to get children and families outside into nature, connecting with their local community, to improve learning, health and well-being.

Volunteers engage with 14 local schools and thousands of local people, meeting the City’s outdoor learning agenda for free, by running events and making educational resources.

The group continues to contribute educational values

Emily Cutts, chair of the Children’s Wood comments

“We hope this pack will not only get our community outside more, but help to inspire schools and teachers in other areas of the country to use their local greenspace for outdoor learning and fun. These resources are not specific to this site but can be used anywhere”

“We know that when people have a greenspace within 5 minutes walking distance they are more likely to use it – compared to when it’s 10 minutes away.”

The Children’s Wood group hopes that the pack will increase the chances of classes taking learning outdoors and to see that all aspects of the curriculum can be taught outdoors.

Campaign development

The group has recently received news that developers have resubmitted a planning application to build 90 high-end flats on the land, placing the charity’s work at risk.

Stephen Greenland Secretary for the Children’s Wood says:

“It is testament to the group’s dedication that it is still able to deliver these resources in line with the curriculum for excellence despite the continued threat of council action to sell this invaluable greenspace which will devastate this positive community initiative.”

The benefit of this pack for teachers and schools

Easy to use

Handy tick sheet with Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes

Activities for nursery and primary aged children

Increase of confidence in schools and children to get outside

Links school and the community greenspace, preparation can be done in the school before hand to extend the learning.

Meet local and government targets for learning and teaching

Planning Application to build on North Kelvin Meadow and Children’s Wood

We understand that the planning application previously submitted by New City Vision in 2012 has been resubmitted with the relevant changes, such as an environmental impact survey and other updates.

Once we have more information about how to object and the next steps we’ll post information on the website and our Facebook page. You can have a look at the application here and the updates dated March 2015

Friday Playgroup Sessions

Supported by Conservation Volunteers we are pleased to announce a series of playgroup Friday playgroup sessions throughout 2015, 12-2 pm:

  • Friday 24th April
  • Friday 8th May
  • Friday 22nd May
  • Friday 5th June
  • Friday 19th June
  • Friday 14th August
  • Friday 28th August
  • Friday 11th September
  • Friday 25th September
  • Friday 9th October


Memories of North Kelvin Meadow

Do you have any memories of North Kelvin Meadow that you would like to share that might be included in artwork that will go on public display? We have a request from North Kelvin College students for any memories you are able to share:

My name is Julie Linton a 3rd year Visual Arts student studying at Glasgow Kelvin College in Hotspur Street just off Queen Margaret Drive. My year group will be participating in the Glasgow Open House Art Festival 2015  ( from Sat 2nd May to Mon 4thMay. As part of my own investigations and research for this project I am looking at aspects of memories and stories associated with North Kelvin Meadows.  So if you have a tale to tell or memory about ‘the meadow’ and would like to share it with me for potential inclusion in the artwork please contact me.

Perhaps you attended the local school where you played football in the grounds of the meadow.  Or you learned to play tennis.  Whatever you’re thought and memories are of North Kelvin Meadows I would be delighted to hear from you! Remember there are no age restrictions to this request!  So even the kids can join in with any memories they have of the meadow such as looking for fairies or frogs!

I only need a few lines about your memories so please keep it short – postcard size would be great! Could you also include your name, age and date of your memory if you can remember when it happened!

I will be collecting information until Wed 15th April. I will leave a box titled ‘Meadow Memories’ at the Main door entrance at Glasgow Kelvin Campus, 75 Hotspur Street during college hours 8.30 – 4.50pm Mon – Fri where you can drop off your stories for me to collect. Or e-mail me at [firstname][surname]