Best Christmas present ever


Amazing news for the Maryhill community before Christmas.  The Scottish Government ministers reject the New City Vision plans to build 90 houses on The Children’s Wood and North Kelvin Meadow. This draws a line under a long running battle to save the area from a housing development. Thanks to everyone in the local community and beyond for contributing to todays success.

The The Scottish Government report states that the main reasons for rejecting the plans for housing are 1/ Loss of Open space – inappropriate mitigation for all the multifuntional uses e.g. for schools and the community and 2/loss of biodiversity

This result will set a precedent for other areas and could help to change the policy around land and community empowerment.

We plan to keep on working with the community to build well-being and resilience and to create meaningful change in turbulent times. The Children’s Wood project was granted full planning permission for a community park and garden earlier this year and we will be approaching the council about leasing or buying the land. Our project  helps to meet the councils strategic development plan and their City Plan 3 so it would be great to work with them on this.

The Children’s Wood plans include creating a community hub and treehouse village, outdoor classroom and developing the meadow and wood.


Tam Dean Burn, actor
The people of Glasgow have been working on this for so long. It’s great that the Scottish Government are listening to them.

Katherine Jones
RSPB communications

” This news is a fabulous Christmas present for all the children who have found fun, inspiration and a special connection with nature at the Childrne’s Wood. We are delighted that there will, at last, be security for the future of this wonderful project and the special place that they have nurtured in our city. The Children’s Wood are an inspiration for other communities and we look forward to continuing to work with them and seeing the next generation of conservationsists emerge”

Kate Dickie
Actress, Game of Thrones

“I’ve just heard the wonderful news that the Children’s Wood and Meadow has been saved. Bravo to our community for all of their tireless campaigning.It’s the best Christmas Present for the kids ever”

Marguerite Hunter Blair
CEO, Play Scotland

I am delighted to hear that the campaign to save the Children’s Wood and North Kelvin Meadow has been successful. This decision is a wonderful testimony to community leadership and green spaces. The support by local people for this campaign has been inspirational and all consuming. I hope they can now relax and enjoy their lovely Wood and Meadow, as will future generations.

Michael Dale,

West-end Festival

Glasgow’s West-end Festival has already held number of exciting events at The Children’s Wood and North Kelvin Meadow. We are delighted that this wonderful local venue has been secured and look forward to many more imaginative collaborations i with the Children’s Wood. There are a real shortage of venues in the west-end and The Children’s Wood and meadow plays a vital role in providing a creative and imaginative space.

Emily Cutts

Children’s Wood
“This is brilliant news. I think the result shows that fatalism need not prevail and that communities can make a diifference. I hope that our success today will show other communities that they can succeed too. It’s great that the government recognise that this is not nimbyism and that we have created valuable and sustainable activities like our work with 20 schools, our outdoor clubs, community events and other growing projects which tackle some of the most urgnet 21st century needs. Our community have put so much energy into this project ,and over so many years, we really think that the motto People Make Glasgow sums up this milestone event and we hope that Glasgow City Council will collaborate with us in the future.





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