The Children’s Fair 27th November

Do come and join us for this year’s Christmas Fair.  We have an exciting line up of stalls and activities. The event will happen in Hillhead Library from 1pm -4pm Sunday 27th November.   the-childrens-wood_flayer_a5_2016-11-02_front_002

Glasgow City Council rubber-stamp ‘no housing’ on Children’s Wood and North Kelvin Meadow

Glasgow City Council have accepted that the Children’s Wood and North Kelvin Meadow cannot be zoned for housing; rubber-stamping the Scottish Reporter’s recommendation made last June to remove the housing zone for the land in the upcoming Local Development Plan.  This is a huge step forward for us and provides renewed hope that the New City Vision plans to build 90 houses on the land will soon also be rejected.

If you feel confused, this is normal because there are two separate issues to do with housing on Children’s Wood and North Kelvin Meadow.

The first issue is related to the news today.  You may remember the success we had  back in in June this year? this success was to do with the future of the land and how it is zoned in the official upcoming Development Plan for the City.   Independent  Scottish Reporters investigated Glasgow City Council’s plans to  zone the Children’s Wood and North Kelvin Meadow for housing in the upcoming Development Plan for the City. The Reporters claimed that the land was highly valued and used by the local community, even in wet weather, and therefore recommending that Glasgow City Council  delete the plans to zone the land for housing in the upcoming City Plan 3. The success today is the adoption of these recommendations to delete the plans to zone the land for housing.   This is really just the council rubber-stamping the Government’s findings back in June.

The second issue is to do with the New City Vision plans to build 90 houses on the Children’s Wood and North Kelvin Meadow.  This is currently being decided by Scottish Ministers.  You may remember that the New City Vision plans were ‘called in’ by the Scottish Government  (i.e. to investigate the proposal to build on the land because it may be going against planning policies) after Glasgow City Council planning committee accepted the New City Vision plans to build on the Children’s Wood and North Kelvin Meadow at the  planning meeting in January.  A Scottish Reporter was appointed and conducted a Public Hearing in September this year.  He has finished his Report which is now with Scottish Ministers.  We hope that the good news today –  the acceptance by Glasgow City Council to delete the zoning for housing in the upcoming City Plan for  Children’s Wood and North Kelvin Meadow – is a sign that the Ministers will reject the specific plans to build on the land.  Please get in touch with your local MSP, all ministers will be involved in this final decision and it could happen any day now.

In the background, we are pursuing Community Right to Buy and will be coming round the community to speak to local residents about this and to gather signatures for our application. The Children’s Wood has full planning permission  – granted on the same day as the New City Vision plans to build 90 residences – and so we hope that if the plans put forward by New City Vision to build high end housing on the land are rejected then Glasgow City Council will support our plans to acquire the Children’s Wood and North Kelvin Meadow so that it will be a community asset for years to come.






Community Halloween Celebration


The Wood and Meadow need YOU

The Scottish Reporter’s findings should be ready any day now.  This document will outline whether the New City Vision housing proposal to build 90 high end houses on The Children’s Wood and Meadow should be accepted or rejected.

This report will go to ministers for approval before it is made available to the public.  This is our last chance to make an impact on the planning process and to make sure that the Scottish Government do the right thing and reject plans to build on our highly valued and well used community resource.

Please email/write to the following ministers or your own MSP telling them why you value the land and why it should not be built on but saved for the future generations to enjoy. The ministers have a final say over the future of the land. You may want to also let ministers know about our sustainable futures project, and that we have full planning permission for a community park and garden as well as funding to make this a project and a space that will last for years to come.

This could be a test case for other areas. Together we can make a difference.


MSP Kevin Stewart

MSP Angela Constance

MSP Nicola Sturgeon




Harvest Festival

See you this Sunday! Join the community for a celebration of harvest time, apple pressing, storytelling, planting and the wonderful amazing Barrowband. 






Your community space needs your help!

Calling all volunteers! Your community space needs your help!
We are planning on running regular volunteering sessions again, starting in the next couple of weeks. Many hands make light work and we couldn’t have got the land to the place it is now without the help of our fantastic volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering in our community garden, helping with events or doing odd jobs around the meadow and woodland then please get in touch with us by email –
Let us know what your availability is and any particular interests or skills that you have.
Alternatively, pop along to the community garden on Wednesday afternoon from 1pm – 3.30pm and catch up with us for a chat about how you can be involved.



Love our Land

Come and join us this Friday for maintenance jobs and gardening on the land.    Everyone is welcome and you can  drop in for a short time or stay all day.  11-3pm.